We offer a full range of hygiene services, whether you need your new office space disinfected, or those old rodent droppings cleared up and sanitised. We do that.

At First Call Property Services we want to ensure all our customers are safe from any potential spread of bacteria or diseases.

Whether it’s a domestic problem or one regarding your business, there are many diseases and bacteria living around our properties, restaurants, or work places which could cause harm. Diseases spread passively through direct contact with people, food or food contact surfaces, inhalation and contact with pest droppings and urine. Pests can carry a number of diseases, from Weils disease, Orthohantavirus and many others. These are usually transmitted via biting, scratching and stinging which is why hygiene and disinfecting is an important factor in our works. We aim to prevent these risks by removing carcasses, rodent faeces, bird fouling and removal of any potential diseases/ bacteria. This is all handled in an professional manner with the latest personal protective equipment and the correct preparations to ensure your premise is cleared and disinfected appropriately.









For further information on First Call Property Services and solutions, please call 07399399686 or email any enquiries to info@firscallpropertyservices.com.


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