Stored product insects (SPI’S)

These consist of a variety of insects that live and breed in stored products, for example canned goods or processed foods. They are responsible for damaging stock as well as for the contamination that they force onto to foodstuff.

Saw toothed grain beetle Confused Flour Beetle Grain Weevil Flat grain beetle


Some other common winged insects you may come across are wasps. In the UK you’re most likely to come across the Yellow jacket (Vespula vulgaris); these are the black and stripy species you often find yourself swatting away. And German Wasps (Vespula germanica), the best way of telling if it’s a German is by looking at the face. There are usually three small black spots (rarely one).

Vespula Vulgaris Vespula Germanica

The nest grows to a size somewhere between a football and a beach ball and can contain up to 50,000 individuals by the end of the season. Areas such as gutter pipes, basements and beneath roofing shingles are all areas where nests have the potential to be formed. Wasp nests only last for one year, but the queens work over winter to create new nests in the following year.


Type of crawling insects: Black Widow Spiders, Varied Carpet Beetles and Silverfish


Type of flying insects: Wasps, Mosquitos, Hornets


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