This can be a very important stage in pest control, especially when dealing with rodents! We will identify every potential ingress point and use only the best materials to ensure pest access is denied.

The diameter of a standard pen or a 1cm gap is all that is needed for a mouse to be able to ingress into your property/site. We’d ensure by using our high quality proofing materials that all possible ingress points for any rodent or insects are sealed. Rodents file their incisors by gnawing on doors, flooring and any other materials they can chew through. First Call Property Services aims to prevent this from happening by covering all ingress areas, including rooftops, with the appropriate materials so no pest can gnaw through the blocked entry.


External access points must be found and dealt with to ensure re infestation does not occur. Rodents are extremely fast and agile climbers, able to scale through rough surfaces, vertical surfaces and can easily walk on thin cables as well as wires. For this reason, all utility areas and sewers must be inspected upon visits. Drain Surveys are carried out to tackle any potential and current rat infestations. All areas of your property/site will be inspected to ensure there are no possible ingressions for pests. In the common case where the inspection of external areas is not possible, individual rooms would need to be proofed from the inside.

Rodents tend to travel and remain inside cavity walls and loft spaces before they enter an area where they are seen. Kitchens and toilets tend to have gaps and holes due to the building structure of the site. This makes these rooms the easiest for rodents to access the inside of a building.

First Call Property Services focuses primarily on proofing any air bricks, vents, drains, sewer pipes, holes, gaps in exterior walls, roofs, and any doors that require bristle strips to block entry at the bottom of doors. Prices vary depending on what proofing needs to be done. First Call Property Services technicians in most cases can supply quotes for any proofing work.

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